In English

Information for our English speaking patients

What to do if

you suspect corona virus?

Do you have the following signs of a cold or illness:

  • to cough,
  • sore throat,
  • shortness of breath
  • fever
  • failure
  • loss of taste feeling and odour feeling


  • have you been in contact with people who have been diagnosed with the Corona virus?

If so, please make a corona quick test in preparing to visit our doctor’s office later.

If the corona quick test ist positive, please don’t come into the doctor’s office. Follow the instructions at the front door and walk right around the building. On the back side you will find our window for corona patients. Please knock there. Please dress very warm. We will help you as soon as possible. Nevertheless, there may be waiting times in front of the window.

There the doctor will see how to proceed.

If you contact us

Dear patients,

if you send us an email, please translate your message into German, for example with an online translator like google translator. Not all of our medical nurses speak English. (Our doctors do it.) Our doctor’s office receives a large number of emails every day. If you send your message in German, you will make our work easier.

Thank you in advance.

Your practice team from Golm

Opening times and

acute consultation


Opening times

The practice is generally available during opening times. During this time you can, for example, make appointments and pick up prescriptions. For more information please click here and look for „Praxis geöffnet“ 

Acute consultation

Do you have any urgent health problems (fever, for example, diarrhea, pain, …) or should you contact your family doctor the next day after a hospital stay? Then please introduce yourself during the acute consultation. You do not need an appointment for this. Our doctor on duty will take care of you. Registration is possible up to 30 minutes before the end of the acute consultation hour. For more information please click here and look for „Akut-Sprechstunde